You Get it—I Miss it!

Donna Smith Baker

I come to this page, and other BRAT Facebook pages, because I feel an emptiness in my life that I can’t discuss with my non-BRAT friends and family. They don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not unhappy in my life, just sentimental and I yearn for those wonderful days of growing up in the military.

The people I met were diverse. They were of all colors, religious backgrounds, and came from many regions of the world.

The experiences I had were unique and it took getting away from it to realize it. I thought everyone went to Italy or Berlin with their Girl Scout Troop……or went skiing during Christmas vacation on the Zugspitz mountain in Garmisch, Germany!

My school teachers, family friends, and school bus drivers (the German ones) told stories of Nazi occupied Germany.

I saw The Bee Gees on the European tour in Stuttgart, Germany in 1967. Jimi Hendrix was also touring in Europe then. Two years before Woodstock.

I visited my grandparents in Rota, Spain where they were stationed while working civil service for the Navy. The sights in Spain under Franco were life changing for me. Children begging for food and many without clothing. At the same time, the beauty of the Mediterranean and Rock of Gibraltar were also impressive.

Didn’t know that visiting Berlin before the wall came down was not the norm.

I know many of you have similar experiences and memories……and that’s why I come here. Because you all get it! I miss it.




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