My Wife’s Perspective, My Battle Buddy In Life!!

22 Is More Than A Number

Here I sit, reflecting on the person I married, and vowed to love and protect the rest of life.  Many of his “battles” have been unknown to me.  Simply because, he felt I wouldn’t understand, or that he had to protect me.  This I understand, because I would rather be in pain, rather than watch him suffer.  I also can’t understand, as I was never in battle.

However, this battle he struggles with is never alone.  It affects our family greatly.  It hurts when everything and everything makes him angry.  It hurts, when he wallows on the couch, while the kids try to get his attention.  “Daddy, come play with us!”  How do I explain to them that Daddy just needs some time?  How do I explain that Daddy still loves you, when he wants nothing to do with them?  It hurts.  So I try to shelter them, take them…

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