Volksmarch Memories


I was going thru some old junk of mine recently and found this old Volksmarch map from 1978. What got me is that the days and dates are the same this weekend as it was all those years ago. I still remember going on this Volksmarch, we did it as part of our BSA troop. We were bussed to Wurzburg from our home in BK, about an hours’ drive away. We did the 20 clicks hike, half was thru the beautiful town, the other half thru the equally beautiful local countryside. Once back in Leighton Barracks we joined in all the fun events there and I bet that we were a tired, but happy, bunch going home again that evening. My little gang of friends were all in the scouts so we all went together on this hike. I still have my Volksmarch medal too. Life was simple back then but we enjoyed it. Would have been nice to have had a photo as the old memories are fading as I get older.

Al Sutherland



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