A Year in Terrenia

by Anna Fullmer

We spent a year in Terrenia, between Livorno and Pisa. Living on the economy. Our apartment was supposed to be ready the day we got there. One year later it was nearly done.

We spent hours waiting in the airport in Rome, 5 kids the oldest, me, 12. NOT fun for Mom while Dad tried to find out about our ride. The Army finally sent someone to take us to the train station.

A couple more hours there then a train, exciting at first, to Livorno.

Have you ever tried stuffing 8 people (us and the driver) and their luggage into a Fiat? We still laugh about it.

We checked into a pensione in Terrenia and were given one room where we lived for a couple of months, then the Padilla family who were in the attic apartment moved into a real apartment and we got to move upstairs. It was a total of 5 months in the pensione before we got an apartment of our own two blocks from the beach. Loved the beach!

Italy was where I first heard Pink Floyd. One of the teenagers living on the other side of our block used to play The Dark Side Of The Moon album constantly with her window open.


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