This is one of my family’s traditions

Misty Corrales

The Saturday before Christmas, we would bake our cookies and candies and such. Christmas morning, we’d get up, have breakfast, and open the stockings. Then we’d pack the treat trays in the car and off to the base we’d go. Every gate on the base has gate guards.

These gate guards were usually very young airmen who drew the short straw…. and this was most likely their first Christmas away from home and family. We wanted to let them know they were appreciated and wish them a Merry Christmas. Our sole purpose for venturing out was to give holiday greetings to them. No matter what base we were on, this was how we celebrated Christmas. After that, we’d head back home to unwrap presents and start cooking for Christmas.

[ It’s been modified a touch since my dad retired and the privatization of the base security. Now we visit the fire station nearest our home. A couple of years ago, that was really, really important — because my dad had been in a very serious accident at my apartment (on move in day, of course), and paramedics from my station helped him….so that Christmas, their basket of goodies was especially important — and one of the paramedics who had helped my father actually was on duty that Christmas day.

So we still do the breakfast and stockings, then off to the firehouse to deliver home baked goodies and let them know we hope they are bored. ]


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