31 Thankful Thoughts from a Military Spouse

I have seen various statuses circling around facebook that paid homage to the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. While my husband is deployed, it is easy to lose focus on things to be thankful for. Let’s be honest, being a single parent around the holidays is not my cup of tea. But I would say that with sacrifice comes great reward. Being a member of this unique military family has broadened my perspective and made me appreciate even the small things. Below is a list of some things that I am thankful for as a military spouse.

  1. I have a husband that takes us along on his many military adventures.
  2. I can adapt to the unexpected and the new surroundings that I’m in, no matter how difficult the circumstance.
  3. I appreciate the little things that my husband does for our family.
  4. I love all the new friendships I’ve made along our military journey.
  5. I have a love for learning about different cultures.
  6. I believe God (and the military) only give you what you can handle.
  7. I am grateful for awesome base housing.
  8. I enjoy the simple pleasures of calling maintenance to fix a household task.
  9. I appreciate our health benefits.
  10.  I am humbled to be recognized amongst a strong group of military unions.
  11.  I am excited for the opportunities to visit friends around the world.
  12.  I respect and admire those that show more courage and strength than I know I have.
  13. I have learned to grow in understanding and appreciation for the life I have been blessed with.
  14.  I am so thankful for how technology has evolved and the convenience of communicating with my husband while he is away.
  15.  I have learned that building a strong military family is what will get you through the tough times.
  16.  I am much better at trying new things, even if they may terrify me at first.
  17.  I am great at calculating the differences between time zones…and airfare…and foreign currencies.
  18.  I have discovered a braver side of myself than I ever thought possible.
  19.  I try my best to keep in touch with friends far away.
  20.  I appreciate conversations with fellow military spouses and the advice they can provide.
  21.  I am independent and able to take care of my family while my husband is away.
  22. I can travel over 24 hours with a small child by myself.
  23.  I am blessed to have worked for (in my opinion) the best school system there is to work for while living overseas.
  24. I appreciate every day that my husband is safe.
  25.  I lend a helping hand whenever I can to pay forward the many generosities I have received.
  26.  I try to laugh more and worry less when separated from my husband.
  27.  I have accepted that nothing is ever a guarantee when married into the military.
  28.  I recognize that the many challenges I have faced with regards to being a military spouse have made me the person that I am today.
  29.  I don’t take any days for granted and cherish the select few days that I am blessed with my loved ones.
  30.  I appreciate that the military community is “small” and therefore, we can bump into familiar faces along our journey.
  31.  I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

Bridget Quinn, Spouse Liaison, MAMF


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