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The Dress

By Misty Corrales

Here’s a fun story. I know a lot of memes like to poke fun of BX clothes.

My dad was stationed at Hickam AFB, HI the year I turned 10. So the BX at Hickam will always be the BX I consider MY BX….the one that all others would be mentally compared to and found to be wanting.

When I was in Hawaii (aged 9 to 12), I was small for my age. Clothes that were sized for my age? Yeah, not an option. I was extremely tiny (to the point where in 8th grade, some knucklehead would not believe me when I said I was in 8th grade…. he was convinced I should be in 4th, and finally to shut him up, I just told him I was extremely smart rather than trying to prove how old I was.) So…. if I looked like I was in 4th grade when I was in 8th grade, you can probably guess that in 4th grade, I barely looked like a 1st grader. And MY clothing selection at the BX kind of reflected that too.

But when I got my ID and could go by myself? I always went to the Jr. Miss Section. I had no business in that section. Nothing was going to fit me, but I still went there — every single time.

And there was this dress. I imagine it was supposed to come down to the knees, but when I tried it on (because oh yes I did), it came down to the floor. This dress, and mind you this was in the late 1970s…and at the BX, cost $40.

I don’t know how many times I tried it on. I showed it to my mother once (while on the hanger). She was unimpressed with it.

But I loved it.

It was navy blue. It had translucent navy blue cap sleeves, and those buttons like you see on bridal gowns (only in navy blue) going down the back. I must have tried this dress on 10 times. It was, to my mind at the time, the epitome of elegance. But I never bought it. After all…. what use would a 10 year old have with a $40 dress which didn’t fit?



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Museum seeks recipes for cookbook

In preparing for our upcoming 2017 exhibit, HOST NATION HOSPITALITY, we are asking you to contribute a favorite recipe to the accompanying cookbook. We’d like a little story about the recipe ( where you learned to make it, what significance it has, if it’s something you learned to make overseas, etc.) and your connection to the military or DOD family.

An example might be about the German butcher’s wife who took you into the back of the shop to show you how to pound the wiener schnitzel thin, or your neighbor in Japan showing you how to make a local dish. Or…your grandmother’s black-eyed peas salad you recreated, no matter where you were stationed.

Your recipe may be on one of the recipe cards we plan to give away to exhibit visitors and/or included in the cookbook we will sell to support our programs in our museum.

We appreciate your support of the museum and helping us preserve your history…

Currently, we looking for soups, apps and salads and would like submissions to be e-mailed to:

Please put recipe in subject line

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A Year in Terrenia

by Anna Fullmer

We spent a year in Terrenia, between Livorno and Pisa. Living on the economy. Our apartment was supposed to be ready the day we got there. One year later it was nearly done.

We spent hours waiting in the airport in Rome, 5 kids the oldest, me, 12. NOT fun for Mom while Dad tried to find out about our ride. The Army finally sent someone to take us to the train station.

A couple more hours there then a train, exciting at first, to Livorno.

Have you ever tried stuffing 8 people (us and the driver) and their luggage into a Fiat? We still laugh about it. Read the rest of this entry »